Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coin Purse

I don't want to admit this but since I wouldn't be able to see you snicker, I might just as well say that I have been putting my bills in a paper envelope and coins in an empty Godiva tin can for the past year or so.  So every time I purchase something, I hid the torn envelopes and tin can inside the bag while getting my my money.  The reason being my old wallet was too bulky even if there's almost nothing in it.

I was with my sister while I was looking at wallets in the mall.  I finally realized that I need a real purse.  Unfortunately, my sister got nothing nice to say about my taste in my choice of wallets.  

So yesterday, she handed me a purse she bought herself.  She told me to use it instead.  I'm the older sister and I'm receiving hand me downs from her.  Pathetic?  No. Just grateful.  

Here, I'm just playing around with the cam.   Look at my point-and-shoot cam.

Inside, it has slots for three credit cards too.
It could also fit a small cellphone.


  1. that's such a pretty coin purse. :3

  2. That is a lovely coin purse :) I like how it can even fit a small cellphone. Btw, you're not the only one that does not use a wallet. There was a time that I kept my money in the inside pocket of my bag because like you, I found my wallet bulky, hehe

  3. i'm interested to see the godiva tin can sis =)

    re seriland, it's at the 2nd floor of manila ocean park :)