Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 1 of 32

Started Day 1 of training today.  I was calling home every now and then to check up on Via.  I even heard her coo once.  I truly wish I was walking distance away from home so that I can see my daughter during breaks.  But I have to do my best to trust the nanny to do her job even without me actually seeing that she does.

I told her not to rock my Via to sleep because there's a great possibility that she will vomit her food especially when she's full.  I checked up on Via's laundry basket and I saw that she had undergone many shirt changes today.  That just means that she soiled her shirts because of vomiting.  Darn it!  I have taken care of Via myself and noticed that the pile of dirty shirts almost turned to none in 12 hours which just means she almost don't vomit her milk at all.

Dear Lord, there are 10 more days of these before the old nanny comes back from vacation.

Anyway, training started today and it was all about getting acquainted with each other.  The trainer couldn't remember my name but he can remember my age.  And whenever he looks at me, he is trying to remember by saying my age out loud.  (Yes I'm that old.)  And I told him that I wouldn't mind being called "32" if he can't remember my name.  So now he keeps calling me "32".  And that's how the others remember me too.

They keep trying to figure out why I only had my daughter at this age.  I wasn't telling if they got it right.  And it's fun hearing them make up stories about me and wondering if they finally did figure it out.


  1. its really hard to trust anybody to take care of our child, no one is just good enough. =)natawa ako dun sa tawag syong "32". just like when dr house started calling one of the doctors fighting to be his staff as "13" since he can't remember her name, just her number.

  2. oh yeah, I remember olivia wilde's character "13". And you know what? I don't really know her name in the tv series. Now I'm curious. WIll do research later.