Saturday, January 10, 2015

Making Mommy More Efficient

I got the planner I wanted and needed at last.  I've been eyeing this for years but I couldn't bring myself to buy one for so many reasons.  One thing is  that I thought I was a bit old for fun planners like this one.  My daughter would love to have this but maybe not for me.  I had a BDJ planner twice before and that was years ago.  And I thought maybe my needs are different from what I had back then.  I was wrong to think that I'm a different person.  

Now, I've got my sister to purchase it for me (THANK YOU!) and so I don't have any more excuse not to grab my own.  

I super love this planner.  The colorful pages makes me think that I'm busy and all but I shouldn't take everything too seriously. It would be a shame not to fill all those blank spaces.  I want to maximize every waking moment this year with this planner.  The spaces provided is a reminder to fill all the aspect of my life this 2015.  It pressures me to create worthwhile events in a month, in a week or in a day.  

Working moms like me should make time for everything.  BDJ planners would be a tool to address all the aspects of my life being a person, a mom, a wife. 

Whatever I put in there, it's there for posterity.  And I have to make it all good and all true.  

Also, the way they put everything together in one bundle pushes me to do the same.  It's all in the palm of my hand.  

It's now part of my work station!

Thank you for reading!