Wednesday, February 23, 2011


For the past three months, the maximum period of sleep I get in twenty four hours was five hours or less.  I have been reprimanded for the way I take care of my baby for people who think they know better.  They have been telling me that I should go to sleep when she does.

Before my baby changed her milk to lactose-free type of formula, she has been vomiting her milk incessantly.  It becomes more problematic when she does it in her sleep.  Even if we elevate her pillow, milk seems to regurgitate upwards out of her mouth and even her nostrils.  The even more problematic part is that she doesn't make a sound loud enough for people to hear her.  

That was how she was before.  And that is the main reason why I prefer being awake even if she is sleeping.   Or if I was to go to sleep, I would ask someone to take my post beside her side of the bed. (I'm so scared she'll aspirate and get pneumonia in the process.)

After she changed her milk to lactose-free formula, she still vomits her milk but now, it's not too often unlike before.  We also let her cry in the morning so that she can finally use her vocal cords.

And now, she rarely vomits (doctor says she has finally developed her upper GI tract) and she now cries loudly.  And I can go to sleep at last (while she is asleep).   Since I am more agile than ever for the past 3 months (after the CS), I can run to her side for every whimper I hear from her.  

I am so in tune now with my baby.  And I feel more competent as a mother.


  1. I'm not yet a mom so I can't relate. But it's nice reading posts like this, it gives me ideas on what to expect once I become one :) Good job on being a mom!

  2. I'm expecting a kid of my own in a few months, and I'm hoping she'll turn out well and healthy. I think I'd like watching her sleep too, even if she (I pray) does not have the same condition as your daughter. :)

  3. aww! my godson was like that.. he was diagnosed with GERD. But he's a bit better now. Hoping your little one will soon be okay!

  4. thanks sheng :)

    @blackshirt: hope you have a girl too :)

    @Marice: it wasn't GERD sis. Just a normal phase an infant (newborn) has to go through daw for a month or two. Glad it's over. Poor kids with actual GERD though. Just imagine the pain of having heartburns without being able to complain to their parents :(