Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sewing For A Beginner

Now I truly feel like a mother goose. 

I had just finished sewing my initial on my new undies.  It's either this or let my mother write my name on my drawers with a marker.  She did that before without my knowledge and I wasn't able to wear those underwears with non-black skirts and slacks ever again because the marker was so visible through the white uniform I wore before.  I didn't have to introduce myself anymore. I just had to show them my arse and there it is in big bold letters.  Sigh! 

I wonder if I'll do something embarrassing for my daughter in the future like what my mom has done.  I'm kind of excited to do so too.  I can't wait for the bickering to begin between the two of us and still be the closest friends like how my mother and I are. 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to days when I have to mend her clothes in order to avoid buying new ones.  LOL! 

I enjoyed sewing my initials and I kind of hope I could do more.  I really wish I knew how to sew clothes to the point that I can create them.  Instead of wanting to go to cooking school like everyone else these days, I'd rather like to train how to sew clothes.  Then I could open up my online tailoring business.  LOL! 

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