Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Christening Plans

Last weekend, Via's mommy (lola) urged me to have Via baptized on the coming Saturday.  I wasn't really thrilled with the idea of being given a week's notice to prepare.  It has been decided to have her baptized in the same parish her momma was baptized - Sto.Domingo Church in Quezon Ave. Quezon City. 

I was having second thoughts of having her baptized as far as Quezon Ave. thinking that it wouldn't be convenient for the godparents.  And then I thought, if they are willing to be godparents (2nd in line for the responsibility of my kid), they wouldn't mind putting a little more effort in attending the ceremony. 

The parish was asking for the birth certificate and an endorsement letter from Via's own parish which is Christ The King in Greenmeadows Ave. which is what we were working out today.  I sent out online invitations already (thank you Facebook for making it more easy to connect to people).  And I'm anticipating the headcount for the lunch after.

We were planning to hold a little gathering in Romulo Cafe afterwards to have a little celebration. 

On thursday, we're off to baby "gown" shopping.  I don't think it's necessary but just to humor my mother, I will comply.  I think the most important thing to buy is the baby headbands for my anak.  So that it will give a hint to everyone that she is a girl.  I understand why no one could tell yet.  LOL!

There are no hired photographers, no souvenirs, no cakes.  Just the company of those close to my anak. 


  1. Your blogs are increasing in numbers ha, congrats on this latest one sis. I'll be back to regular blog hopping hopefully by next week, didn't bring my laptop kasi. :P

    I hope Via's Christening will go smoothly :)

  2. always nice to hear from you. Yup! na-addict ako bigla sa blogspot. Hopefully, I've got a lot of good things to blog about.