Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yaya Going On Vacation

Sigh! Trying to deal with an upcoming problem.  How on earth am I going to find a temporary replacement that I trust that well to take care of my daughter?  

My current nanny is so well-trained that she sometimes reminds me herself of stuff I have to do for my kid.  Also, she knows how meticulous I am when it comes to child care that she already has adapted those ways too. So it is so sad (for me) that she has to leave for a two-week long vacation when I am about to go to work in a matter of days.  

I tried contacting my nephew's previous yaya but unfortunately, she has already changed phone numbers and is unreachable.  There's someone available but I'm quite sure she hasn't handled someone as young as my Via before so I am having second thoughts.  There's another one who just sent me a text message awhile ago but the problem is she is three months pregnant.  It's too bad because I could have gotten her as a temporary replacement because she was Via's first ever yaya.  (Yup in three months time, there's already two nannies who handled my Via because the first one got herself pregnant and had to find a replacement.)


  1. Ay pano yan. Don't you have any relatives that could take care of Via if wala kang makuhang temp replacement nanny?

    This reminds me of a Friends episode where Rachel (Jen Aniston) brought her baby to the office because there was no nanny, but then again that's not really feasible in real life right?

  2. naku sis, problemado nga ko right now eh. Yung isang nag re-representang mag temporary bawal daw siyang magpuyat. Nye naman! e baby to, sigurado, kelangan gumising in the middle of the night. Okay lang siya? LOL!

  3. My sister had the same problem for the longest time coz her yaya decided naman to go home to their province for good. I am a mom myself & I understand that when it comes to your baby, it's just hard to trust anyone. Lalo na in your case when you have a reliable yaya. I hope you find a good temp yaya soon......... =)

  4. Yup, when it comes to our kids, we just can't entrust them to anyone. Kahit nga relatives are sometimes not good enough. I just hope that her yaya right now is going to come back as promised because I would really be disappointed if I had to look for someone like her again. Super swerte ko sa yaya niya right now kasi I know she likes (if not love) my Via too.