Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have a question regarding the monetary gifts during the baptism.  What should I do with it?

I was told that it was lucky for the kid to receive pakimkims.  Is it also lucky to spend or keep it as keepsakes?  I find it weird to have bills as keepsake.  But if it's what superstition says then I'll keep them instead of spending them. 

Umm, does anyone have any idea?


  1. I opened bank accounts for my three children (under their names) and used their pakimkim as initial deposit, from there.. hubby and I started depositing small portion of our income to their accounts. My eldest got the most savings but he was surpassed by her youngest sis kasi mga intsik god parents nya, laki bigay na pakimkim hehehe..

  2. sis, thanks for the tip. That is probably the wisest thing to do right now :)

  3. tama open mo sya ng bank account lahat pakimkim saka pera aginaldo sa pasko, duon i save ;)

    napadaan lang :0

  4. invest it in mutual funds =) meron 5k lang sis, i'm not that sure pero meron din yata 1k