Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Day

It has been a perfect day. 
I woke up before 7am because I had to rush at work just to get "verified".
HR told me that even though I'm not on duty on the first day of this year, I still have 
to go do a finger scan in order to be registered as a resident who really started year 2012.

Anyways, I conjured up a plan so that I can drive myself over there.
This will allow me to pick my husband up from our apartment to spend just a few minutes 
with him.  It got better.  My daughter woke up as early as I did.  
And I told the nanny that she better hurry up before everyone else does.
And all three of us (plus the nanny) get to drive to my work's place 
where I'm going to start working officially this coming year.

2011 has ended on a very good note.
And I'm starting it in good standing!

I was able to spend this day with my FAMILY.  
Thank you Lord. 

And during the rest of the day, 
I was able to spend with the rest of my family.

This day is complete!