Thursday, February 10, 2011

10-Minute Shopping

The other day, before attending a regular Wednesday mass in the afternoon, we went for a quick stop in Shangri-la to look for something decent to wear.  I'm between sizes these days and my clothes are either too big (prenatal clothes) or too small (regular clothes).  Also, I didn't want to wear pants because I felt so constrained probably because I grew huge thighs during pregnancy that I haven't lost yet.  So the best choice is something loose but not lacking shape. 

Since we were in a rush that time, I was only able to visit one clothing store on the ground floor of Shangri-la Mall.  And in around 10 minutes, I got what I wanted to wear. 

There will be extra effort in wearing this.  First of all, I have not lost my prenatal tummy entirely.  There's still an embarrassing lump below my belly button and I'm not sure if I'm going to get rid of that ever again.  Second, my boobs weren't the same as before (LOL!  I'm not quite sure it's decent to discuss boobs in blogs).  So I need to wear girdle and padded brassiere with this one.

The important thing is that it's comfortable enough to wear while carrying my baby around during the baptism.  I'm sure my baby will cover up the big tummy and the sagging boobs LOL!

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