Sunday, February 13, 2011

Via's Baptism

Sto.Domingo Church, Quezon Ave. Quezon City
Romulo Cafe, Sct Tuason QC

My baby's baptism in pictures.

Off to church.

I woke up late and Via's nanny didn't bother waking me up when it was already an hour and a half before the baptism.  We bathe Via the fastest way possible before we got dressed ourselves.  My plan to wear my hair down that day after I iron it out wasn't possible anymore.  I had it in my usual ponytail.  Too bad. 
I still had the anti-usog bracelet with me. I forgot to put it around Via's ankles that day.  And now, I wonder where it is.  I hope I didn't lose it entirely because I don't want to go back to Quiapo just to buy that.

My bestfriend's hubby Alvin and my brother Gen was ready to take pictures of Via when she got out of the car.  So funny, like she was a debutante.  LOL!  And so nice of them because I wasn't in able to do it myself that time.

                                          Registration in Sto.Domingo's Parish office.

Our family picture. 

It's too bad "hubby" didn't bother smiling at the camera.  I knew he wasn't comfortable surrounded by people who he thinks think badly of him.  I think he only talked to me, to my bestfriend, to my bestfriend's hubby and to my friend, Jong.  He didn't have to say it out loud but I knew he felt very small especially after what my parents did and said to him.

By the way, that's mama (his mother) behind us.  She got dressed up and had her hair done the previous day just for this event.  So sad, she couldn't stay longer with us.   

                                         My sister, her hubby and my nephew with the nanny.

My cousin who keeps taking away our baby from my "hubby's" arms.  Shame on you.

She is really a very nice person.  I don't know why this time, she just couldn't let us be.  I still love her though.  She is still my favorite cousin among all others I have (and that's a lot of cousins, I tell you).  In time she will see that my hubby is not as bad as they thought him to be. 

I wanted this picture printed out, enlarged and framed.  It's almost perfect.

My bestfriend and her husband. 

Cake from Dexter's. 

My mom ordered it for Via.  It was the first time I saw the cake and it was so pretty.  We were supposed to serve it to the guests that day but there were so much left of the desserts we ordered from the restaurant.

Kaligayahan Room a.k.a. Brown Room LOL!

                        They got us cornered.  I wonder why we all cramped in that corner for this picture. 

Kasiyahan Room. 

Everyone's almost done with the lunch.

My friends all in the Kapayapaan room. 

It lived up to its name.  We were left alone to ourselves.  They weren't there when I made a scene in the church.  So, nobody talked about it.  My bestfriend and hubby were smart enough not to mention it to others. 

                                                            My parents. Period.

                                                                   Kasiyahan Room

                                                             My sister and her son.

I wish I had my own family picture taken in this room too that day.  It's just too bad people won't let me.

Someday, we will hold another baptism.  One that we paid for.  And one that Via's papa can celebrate with us after.  Looking forward to it. 


  1. sis, you've lost weight, buti ka pa. was it the soup diet? =)

  2. Yep I think it was the soup diet. Pero first month lang ako nag soup diet... that's when I lost 20lbs.

  3. Ang cute ng cake ni Via sis. Hugs for you what happened on her baptism. =)

  4. parang di halata yung problem mo that day ah. i like the cake too, where did u order that?

  5. @Badet: thanks for the hug sis :)

    @Ayen: good thing hindi halata. Medyo nag compose ako sa sasakyan bago ako bumaba sa Romulo's.

  6. Aw, Via's papa wasn't at the reception? At least in every photo you seem to be genuinely smiling naman eh.

    Welcome to the Christian world Via! :)

  7. awwww. is there a rift between your fam and hubby sis? d balee, your next baby baptism, enjoy na kayo. hugs to you.