Saturday, February 5, 2011

Five Years Ago

While rotating in the Pediatrics department in 2005, I was assigned to stay and man the nursery for a month along with some of my co-interns in the Medical City.  I was studying for the med boards that time during my internship and was bringing along with me my Pedia book.  While in the nursery, I got one bassinet label for myself to use as a bookmark to keep track of what I was reading at that time.

I got the pink one. 

I kept it and stuck it in my journal at that time subconsciously wishing to have my own kid someday.  And I did.

Who could have known I would have the same one printed for my own baby girl?


  1. Aaawww... it was meant to be. :) I tried hard to read the date but I couldn't (even with glasses on).

  2. na touched ako dito..ewan ko kung bakit:)
    followed this one sis!

  3. @storybookmom: thanks for following sis. found it amazing kahit na there's 25% probability na it will happen heheh! :)