Saturday, February 5, 2011

Diaper Business

I think having to handle your kid while she is pooping is one of the stressful moments of the day for the first few days of being a first time mother. 

I used to unhook the diaper before realizing I still didn't have all the cleaning tools I need.

But one month after, I know which are the things I need to get ready before even removing her pajamas.

I need the kidney basin with warm tap water and Lactacyd solution where I will dip exactly seven cotton balls.  Also, I need the cup with cotton balls soaked in sterile water.  This I use as pang-anlaw or to remove soapy skin if there's any.  I have the Aveeno Diaper Rash cream and cotton buds as an applicator.  I have three-ply tissue folded into squares.  This I use to cover the poop on the diaper while pooping is still going on.  And of course, a new diaper after everything is all done. 

I thought this was the best system for me to follow.  It makes it easier for me.  This way, I don't need any help if the yaya is unavailable because I have everything within reach already.

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