Sunday, February 26, 2012

On Valentine's Day

It's still February, isn't it?
Family spent Valentine's day together.
We had dinner in Shangri-la's lobby which was covered in tent-like tapestries.

I got flowers from the usherettes.

I'm expecting a sumptuous dinner during that night
because I came from work and the last meal I had was more than six hours ago.


Here was my favorite: macarons and truffles!

I went to the ladies room in order to talk to my husband on Skype.
I guess that was the best that we can do during that time.

The dinner was made more special with live music singing romantic songs, of course!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fan Day

I had the whole weekend off so I can go wherever and waste time whenever.

Early Saturday morning, I had myself drop off at the nearest coffee shop 
to catch up on my reading.  I planned to spend the whole morning by myself
in order to get some "work" done. 
There were so many customers wearing lemon yellow clothes yesterday.
They all came from the nearby EDSA monument after commemorating 
EDSA Revolution decades ago.  Today, they go to Starbucks to refresh themselves.
Of course, I couldn't take pictures of those who were there.
They might not like the extra exposure ^_^

After having lunch at home, we all drove off to MOA.
Yes, we went as far as MOA.  The weather was perfect to spend outside.
But I think my Via wasn't too happy to stay under warm weather.

The purpose of the long travel to Mall Of Asia was to go to 
Chico and Dell's Book Signing!  
There was a long line outside National Bookstore.
We bought the book from Megamall but we weren't able to
attend their book signing earlier.  Hence, we have to sacrifice a bit to meet
my favorite radio show hosts to whom we have been listening to since
late high school days (I think)!

After locating the bookstore, we decided to roam around and look for snacks.
There were so many people in the mall. 
Later that day, I couldn't take it and asked everyone if we could drive to
Shangri-la instead for dinner.

Finally, it was almost our turn.
Well, it was my sister's turn but she is asking me to go there with her to have our picture taken.
I can sense that after three hours of smiling to strangers, these guys are dead tired already.

I'm so happy to see their marks in our single copy ^_^

Grabbed this photo from my sister's instagram ^_^

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Felt So Loved

I have never asked God to make a man give me white flowers to tell me that he is the one for me.

My husband and I celebrated Valentine's Day a little off the mark.
We had to postpone our celebrations because of our engagements with other people.

I spent last night with my husband. 
I have forgotten what he said he was planning to do
because my mind was so occupied with work and Via 
and so many other things.

And so last night, while I was in the apartment, everything came in as a surprise.
I was taking a shower and heard him change the songs on his computer.
Everything became very mushy!
The songs that I didn't really listen to before.

When I got out, I saw that it was a bit dark and a candle was lighting up the whole house.
He gestured for me to sit down on the chair and rubbed my legs dry with the towel.
He then said that he has something for me and handed me the flowers!
White ones!  
And I knew they were beautiful even if it was a bit dark.
He ushered me to stand up and he made me dance with him.
I couldn't help it but cry.  I was so overwhelmed.

He was a bit puzzled why I cried (and was even bothered)
He doesn't get it that I felt so loved by him that it moved me to tears.
We have been through a lot and we are still going to go through tough times some more.
But last night, I thought that everything is at it should be.

He is more than enough for me.

On Our Way To Breakfast!

Kuya Gab and Via at the back of the van with Yaya Rina.
We all just woke up and headed straight to Katipunan to
have some breakfast with the rest of the family.

I thought both kids were happy to get out of the house.

Chewing On Everything!

Here's the thing: Via puts everything in her mouth.
There's no exception.  Edible or inedible... it goes straight inside her mouth.

When she's with mommy, the room is a mess.
I try to give her all her toys at the same time
which I think is a bad idea because she could not
concentrate on one (educational) toy as she should.

When the nanny is around, everything is spic and span.

I try to make her play with her toys instead of chewing them.

She was trying to get the iTouch out of the stand 
And I helped her out to get it.
I thought it was time for her to figure out the gadget by herself.
Unfortunately, she thought it was food.

High Chair Alert

This High Chair was designed for safety and security.
Unfortunately, it wasn't designed for my daughter.
She could wriggle out of this high chair in a matter of seconds if she wanted to.
Hence, the nanny is on Red Alert whenever she prepares her food.
She couldn't take her eyes of my Via because she could just get 
out and fall from this chair.

Watching Via play with something (I don't remember what)
And I keep distracting her with the camera and kissing and smelling her once in a while.

There was one point when she pushed me away ^_^

Watching Her Sleep

I even took a video of this.
She looked so peaceful.  I didn't want to bother her.
So I did my best to be so quiet and watch her take her nap.
Every now and then, she makes a sound with her mouth as she sucks on her pacifier.

Couch Potato

This is Via having her afternoon bottle of milk.
When she's not scheduled for a nap, she could drink milk in front of the TV.
Otherwise, the TV is turned off or at least, turned down.