Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mobile Fun

We still haven't made use of the crib I bought last November 2010 because Via is still sleeping beside me in my bed.  So when we bought a mobile toy for her, there's nowhere to hang it to.  Therefore, I have to hold the mobile up myself... or if there's anyone willing to do it too.  I think I let her enjoy the mobile twice to thrice a day 30 minutes each session LOL!  Arms really hurt after.  But seeing how she enjoys it so much, I forget about the arm pain.

Her reactions to her toy.


  1. I never had the heart to have my kids sleep on their crib when they were Via's age.. so I guess I would endure the arm pain as you did:)

  2. awwww via's so cute! :3 especially in her 2nd picture. =)

  3. I'm not sure how true this is, pero as cute as that mobile toy maybe, it leads to being cross-eyed "daw". Not meant to scare or offend you sis ha, better research and ask around I guess. :)

  4. There's a lot of theories about developing diplopia or cross-eyes. Someone also told me not to allow my daughter from looking up (her upper lid) kasi it will cause diplopia. But I haven't heard mobile causing such condition. I was advised by the pediatrician that once Via starts smiling at people's faces, it's the right time to have colorful objects around her hence the mobile. Also it trains the eyes for tracking objects and develops the eye muscles. Hope it doesn't make my Via cross eyed :( Scary nga.

  5. By the way sis, diplopia is caused by weakness of the lateral eye muscles so the medial eye muscles pulls the eyeball medially. I guess a tracking device such as a rotating mobile will help develop control over the eyeball.

    Thanks for the warning sis. It's also better to be sure than sorry. I'll read more about it so that I'll prevent it from happening.

  6. hi! dropping by here for the first time. love to read your baby stories. it makes we want to have a little girl/boy of my own na. hehe! followed you! :)

    your baby is such a cutie!