Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby's Dining Experience

Where in the world will there be someone to carry you while you dine?  Where would you find a place where you are being sung to sleep while you take your meal?  And where can you be cuddled and held so close after finishing everything and being waited on until you burp?

Nowhere else but in our mothers' arms.  Too bad we don't remember any of it when we are finally able to form memories (and that would be at 3 to 4 years of age).

I was thinking about this while feeding my Via awhile ago.  It's too bad she won't even remember me singing and humming to her.  If only I could record every hum I make during feeding time then probably I would have composed something as great as those of Debussy or James Horner.

I have hummed the following songs:

  • mellow dramatic version of Bahay Kubo (LOL!)
  • Anima Christi
  • I Love You Lord
  • Our Father
  • St.Francis Prayer/Song
And the rest were just made up as I go along.  (Para na ring nagsimba ang baby ko LOL!)  

Awhile ago, I also tried singing the lyrics and mouthing the words.  I noticed she was looking at my mouth and frowning a bit.  When she started to cry, I came back to humming.  LOL!  Momma's got a lot of practicing to do, I know!

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