Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Via's New Stuff

Since it was laundry day, I opened Via's baptism gifts thinking that some may be clothes that should also be laundered so that she can use them before she outgrows all of them. The immediate need to use the gifts were not so because some of them are big enough for one year olds...

                                                       and even two- or three-year olds.

Even though it seems some of the clothes are too nice to use at home, we will probably use it even if Via isn't going anywhere.  I've been advised to use even the nicest ones at home or else they will not be put into use at all.  A young girl like Via has no social life and doesn't go out that much often so there's not much need for playsuits and the like.

Therefore, Via is going to look good even if she is just in bed.  LOL!  She can spill milk all over them, for all she cares. 

I opened another box and found this sweet pink and white plain shirts.  She also got a bib and mittens even though Via is not using them anymore. 

                                                           Oh, it also came with a rattle.

Blue and Pink dresses big enough for one year olds.  I prefer Via received bigger clothes because I don't want her to outgrew any of them that fast. 

                                         I found the card attached to the gift bag so very cute.
                                                 At this age, I still love pastel colors LOL!

         She got another pair of shoes.  Now, this I wonder if I should let her wear it even when she's home.

 Honestly, when I opened the package below, I got so excited.  I love the combination pink and brown and the shade is just perfect.  I love this really.  Sorry, can't help myself.  It reminds me of the Meiji box of strawberry chocolates we find in the supermarkets. 

          It's much better when it was unwrapped.  It's a baby bag so there's a lot of pockets inside and out.

Via thanks all of you who put thought into their gifts.

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