Sunday, March 6, 2011

Make Or Break

In a few minutes, I will be providing a demo that will let them know if I'm going to stay or go ahead with working in this company.

I'm praying that I do well later because I really need this job. I think this is going to be my ticket (and Via's too) to get out of my parents' lair.  Okay.  I'm probably overdoing it.  Our home is far from being a lair.  But of course, if we actually get out of the place, there will be no more invincible burden on my part and theirs.

Of course, my burden will just begin when I get out of the house.  The responsibility of being a mother will probably overwhelm me once me and my Via go and live on our own.  It will probably be the hardest and most challenging part of my life when I finally experience motherhood, full force.

Of course, Via's dad will be around with us.  But, since it will be my first time having someone (like Via) to rely on me entirely, it will, least to say, overwhelming.

But I have to be tough.

Later on, I'll know if I have I'll get my "ticket" out of my parents' home.  It's up to the big bosses.

I'm excited and anxious at the same time.  Whatever happens, I would need to move on and look forward.

I'm secretly praying "Dear Lord, please grant me this job".

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