Sunday, March 25, 2012

Her Favorite Spot

My daughter frequently goes to one corner of the room to sit, rummage and do a balancing act. She climbs the bookshelves which actually a danger zone already.

We keep a close watch when she's in that corner.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Carousel Fun

My daughter and I spent one afternoon in Eastwood Mall park. I let her ride several rides and let her roam around freely. She had some bumps and scratches in the process but she is quite happy so she didn't mind.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Attended A Party

My Via attended a kiddie party awhile back. 
She was so happy to be there unlike during her own birthday party.
She was messing up the chair arrangements on her own. 
She is such a special person.
All I want to do is make and keep her happy.

We got some stuff from the loot bags!
But I think the bracelet is not going to hold on to its beads for that a long time, 
so it headed straight to someone else's arms.

Feeding Her Is Getting Harder

I don't know about other mothers but I am noticing that Via is keeping her food in her mouth
for a longer time these days.  I'm not sure if she have a hard time chewing or swallowing or
she just doesn't like the food.

She is becoming like her cousin, Kuya Gabino, more everyday when it comes to food.
We need more distractions on the table whenever it's time for them to eat or else, 
they go running off.  The television is sometimes effective and sometimes, ain't effective enough.