Friday, December 9, 2011

Wearing The Gift

My husband went to Divisoria one day and bought me two blouses.  One of them was this.  I told him that the day I was wearing this and was about to head out of the house, my mother complemented the blouse and told me it looked nice on me.  I didn't bother telling her that it was a gift from the person she loathed the most.  ^_^  I told my husband about the incident and he was chuckling as I did.

Before Her Party

This is a bit late to post because I posted photos of the party.  But I was browsing some files and found some "before" party photos.  This isn't as nice as the photos that were taken at the party but here, she is still smiling.  She wouldn't have guessed that in a few minutes, she would be crying over and over again because of all the strangers approaching her.

She's having a bad-hair day on her very day of her party.

The summer dress that Lola Mommy gave her.

My Sweet Via

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Via's 1st Day in (Gymboree) School

Thursdays are for her M1 Music class
and yesterday, it was Disco music day

We (Mommies, Nannies and the kids) were also asked to dance.

It's a good thing I remember some disco moves ^_^
Moves only kids can appreciate.
I think one yaya looked at me weirdly when I was dancing
with my Via.  ^_^

Via Gets Her First Haircut

December 3, 2011
Cuts 4 Tots
Atrium, Megamall

Waiting for her turn while munching a biscuit

Isn't it my turn yet?

Her hair is extra unruly

She doesn't know what's going on.
She thought she was just there for play.

She was mildly cooperative.
In the middle of it, she was already crying.

Here's how her hair turned out

With the service they have given us, we are probably going back there
for her second haircut.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Via's 1st Birthday Fiesta Food

Out in the Sun

We visited Via's Papa at work.  And I was able to take pictures of them both.  Papa just came off from a badminton game with his elderly client and followed us at the pool where Via and I were hanging out.

Our village pool
One of these days, my Via will be able to swim there
without anyone (particularly, my parents) protesting
against it.

She is SO ready to get into the warm waters

My Via loves her Papa.
I'm sure of it ^_^

Via's 1st Birthday Fiesta

Via's First Birthday Celebration
Rainbow Room
Fun Ranch, Ortigas

She wasn't too happy that there were a lot 
of strangers approaching her.
She cried the whole time :(