Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Arriving Home From Work

It's a good thing the pre-residents were not required to take the exam for today.  I was able to leave the hospital before sunset.

When I got home, everyone was on the street - my sister, my nephew, my daughter and the helpers.  It was so nice to be home at that time.  Everyone was enjoying the late afternoon outside since it was a really nice day today.

My daughter enjoying the afternoon out along with babies, toddlers and kids in our street.

Mommy looks "wasak" from work.

Ate Rose was there to carry my things up in my room
but then I asked her to wear my blazer and took a picture of her
also carrying my books!
She looks like a mad doctor with her usual unruly hair!  

Saturday, September 17, 2011

How My Birthday Went

I totally forgot my birthday.

I woke up from my fetal position in the two-seater sofa in the residents' quarters this morning.  All I could think of was that I'm going to go home early today from my From Duty status.  I really felt lucky because I got my weekends off from unpaid training.

I only remembered that today I was a year older when someone greeted me through text.

Well, this must be the most thrifty of all birthdays I had.

I attended a Jollibee kiddie birthday party and a wedding on my birthday.

I'm happy to sign in the attendance logbook as a From Duty (Pre) Res.
That means, I will be heading home soon.
Best birthday gift for today...

We headed to a Jollibee in Marikina 

The birthday celebrant is sooo cute in her hot pink gown!

Via's first-ever Barbie item.

As always, Jollibee kiddie parties are fun 
and my friend's daughter's celebration was no exception.

One hour after, I was headed to One Esplanade
to attend one of my best friend's wedding.

I was happy to be seated in one of the tables
 until I realized I was not seated with anyone I know. 

My birthday is almost over and I'm officially 33 years old!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

From Duty

Well, since I wasn't accepted in V.Luna Hospital,  I went ahead with my pre-residency in East Avenue Medical Center.  There was actually no reason not to go through the pre-residency training.  There's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

There are two of us applying for the job and we're both hoping that we'll get the position.  There's another one who was sending his application too.  I hope all three of us get in.  The job will be much easier if there were three of us.  We can go on an "every three day" duty rather than "every other day" if there's only two of us.  And I truly hope, there are no more applicants ^_^

Anyway, the department is currently suffering a sanction from the chief resident.  Their attendance logbook was lost and there was a suspicion that a resident who is always late or absent could be the culprit.  And so the chief resident placed everyone on house arrest.  No one goes home until the logbook is found.  Bummer for everyone!  

The logbook was a requirement for Philhealth accreditation and without it, the residents and the department are going to have some problems.  I whispered to my co-pre-resident that if we happen to enter the department, we will make sure the logbook is secured and nothing like this will happen again.  Well, it isn't my problem yet.

My problem right now is reviewing anatomy extensively in the radiological science's point of view.  And I have already ordered a book which hopefully will help me survive the three no-salary on-probation months!

Crossing my fingers!

By the way, my Via hasn't forgotten me yet :)  

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Single Moms Not Welcome

I'm already starting my pre-residency tomorrow but I wanted to try applying in a more "benign" workplace.  And so when I was called for an interview in one of our military hospitals (there are two of them in Manila), I readily went there hoping to be given a slot in their residency program.

There were four of us who are going to fight for a position.  When it was my turn for an interview, I calmly took my seat where the air-conditioner was blasting cold air directly.  And so calm turned into nervousness.  But it wasn't for long.

In the first two minutes, the panel learned that I was a "single" mom.  I didn't have a chance.  They went on a litany on why they are not choosing a mother of a 9-month old child.  And then, one of the panel even emphasized that I was single - that there was no father around to help me support my child.  I didn't bother elaborating my real situation - that the father is not living with us but is financially supporting us in one way or another.  The interviewer's tone made it clear to me that I wasn't welcome in their department just because I was a "single mother".

Nervousness turned into resentment.

I wished I didn't waste any more time.  Applicants should have been informed on Day 1 that Single Mothers are not welcome.  I shouldn't have wasted my time taking their exam.

But it's not a total waste.  At least I learned that there are some people who don't have any faith in Single Mothers.  I don't take it against them if they grew up in a perfectly established family.  Instead, I envy them.  They are so lucky to be able to have a "complete" family of their own.

Wait, I grew up in a "complete" family too but I don't think single mothers are less of a person than other people.  I think (WITHOUT BIAS) that real single mothers are great by themselves.

I just wish the interviewers could have given me a chance because whatever I said during the interview, they keep getting back at being a mother and a "single" one at that.

Giving It Another Whirl

Let's see if I can do it again.

I have removed my UST hospital badge from my white coat hoping to patch another one on it to make it official - that I'm practicing my profession again.

Crossing my fingers that I get it right this time.

Dear Lord, thank you for second chances.

Family Day In Megamall

Birthday is coming up and so, we decided to have a family get together before work starts when I couldn't find anymore time to spend freely with anyone.   And so, along with Yaya Jane, Via and I drove to Megamall to meet her father for a lunch out.

Savory has become our favorite family restaurant.
My mom complains that they serve food that are too salty.
Husband and I find their food just right, however.

Pa trying to talk to Via.

Our family photo for the day

Everyone had to wait for me to get my pedicure done

Pictorial ni Dalaga

 These were taken when she was seven months old.  It was the time when I was not around.  And her lola took her to Great Image for a random pictorial.  The photos were poorly scanned, sad to say.  And I have to ask a professional to do it for me and have them printed.  It's too expensive to buy prints from Great Image, sadder to say.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Planning For My First Duty

Well, first for this year.  I have gone into countless 36-hour duties before.  But after a couple of years of not going into one, I need to recall now what I used to bring in that very big duty bag plus the sleeping bag.  Ugh! Sleeping bag?  I think I borrowed the sleeping bag of my ex's before.  And I already returned it to him - not that I'm planning to use it again.

Weee!  I'm excited to buy new supplies - including a new sleeping bag!

It's just like going into a camping trip with a lot of responsibilities and no relaxation, no great view and no time for stopovers.

For The Past Couple Of Days

I had to wear this all the time because I had the flu for sometime.
I didn't want to pass any to Via especially when I was taking care of her
without any help from the nanny.

I think this is probably one of the hardest thing to do - taking care of a baby recovering from a recent flu while you are trying to cope up with your own health.

Kuya Gab has stopped by our room to say "Hi" to Via.
His nanny told me that Kuya Gab was looking for Via that day.
And so, the yaya had to concede and visit Via even though
he is off limits (since he also had the flu).

Finally, regaining back her regular nose breathing (instead of her previous mouth-breathing).
She can finally finish a bottle of milk without crying.

Whenever she has tantrums even though I'm already cradling her,
I place her in my seat and start the gentle rocking.
That gets her to calm down.

She's a lot better here.
She is sliding around the room with her walker.
It's like a kid on her skateboard.

I tried to get all the harmful things out of her reach.
And left only those which are relatively safe for her to play with.

Grabbing one of my puppies

And bringing it along with her

And whenever I get her to sleep, I'm able to finally watch the TV.

Friday, September 2, 2011

How Are We Doing Today

I think the household is running smoothly these days despite of everyone getting sick during the supposedly blessed LONG weekend.  

Mommy is complaining of stomach cramps less and less.  She even went out with a date with my father last night.

I'm running towards a box of tissue less today.  That means my colds are about to go kaput!  Thanks to water therapy.  

Via is needing less nebulization.  I hear her coughing less often than before.  

Kuya Gab (my 3 year-old nephew) is now in the mood to play with anyone because his cough has subsided somehow and there's no more febrile episodes.

Yaya is still off duty but I think she's doing pretty good.  I have a feeling that it was a case of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (??)  I told her to refrain from eating salty foods especially her favorite soy sauce.  I said stick to vinegar or calamansi

All 14  people in this house (yes! I just made a headcount and we are THAT many under one roof) are all doing okay and I hope they feel good about it ^_^  

Thursday, September 1, 2011

News: Good and Bad

Via knows who I am.  She has been calling me mama (although, it's probably done indiscriminately as of now).
Via knows that I will always carry her.  Whenever I'm around, she starts to cry and puts her arm up gesturing that she wants to be carried.

I'm spending so much time with my Via.
I haven't spend enough time studying.

I have been accepted for pre-residency to one of the hospitals I have applied to.  
I had to quit my AM and PM job today.  I just left some of my private clients.  I still don't know how I will handle them when the time comes that I have to start working 7 days a week in the hospital.

Via is almost done with being sick.  She only has colds left (clear discharge ^_^ and no fever)
I got her virus (is that possible?) and now I feel feverish and have a runny nose and sore throat (due to mouth breathing, most probably).

The nanny wanted a time off for seven days.  In order to make sure she's intending to come back, I asked her to hire her own reliever for a week and she has to make her own arrangements with the reliever (about the payment).  I was going to pay her even in her absence so she is the one who's going to decide how much she will pay for the reliever.

Unfortunately, there is no reliever.  

The arrangement I came up was this: she takes her break inside the house but she's going to be off limits to my (or Via's) room.  Meaning, she is not going to do any baby sitter's work for 6 long days.  I'm going to be the one who's going to do all that.  It's fine with me if only I wasn't sick myself.  

By the way, we sent the yaya to the doctor today because she was complaining of dizziness (buntis kaya?) and so, arrived with the conclusion that she has to take a break.  

And so, there you go.