Thursday, February 24, 2011

Getting Back on the Saddle Again

Training starts tomorrow for my new work.  Hopefully, I can hack it.  I'm still waiting for that other application I made but while I'm waiting, I wanted to start training for work already if ever I can't land my preferred job.  

With all the excitement, I am still very anxious because I'm going to have to leave my Via with her not-so-new nanny.  Tomorrow will be the first time I'm going to leave Via for almost 10 hours.  If only I could go home during the break.  The not-so-new nanny is starting taking care of Via tonight with my supervision but tomorrow,  she will be alone with Via all day.  

I already gave some pointers to remember which is as follows:
  • Always wash hands (and arms) before handling Via or her feeding apparatuses (excuse me for lack of better term).
  • Prepare 3 ounces of milk each feeding time - no more (to avoid any wasted milk) and no less (to avoid having Via cry due to lack of milk).
  • Dispose milk after three hours if not consumed 
  • Only use the pacifier when she is still hungry but her tummy can't handle any more milk.
  • Feed if three hours has passed and if Via hasn't asked for food
  • Turn on/off the air conditioning as needed.  Make sure Via doesn't feel too cold or too hot.
  • Make sure the TV volume is not too loud when Via is asleep.
  • Use the mobile (toy) when Via is crying even after feeding
  • Change diaper as needed or every three hours (I'm switching to Huggies soon and never going to buy Pampers ever again).
  • Make sure to position Via in the most comfortable way possible.  Make sure her back is straight and not curved/hunched when sleeping.  
  • During poopoo time: prepare everything first before opening the dirty diaper.
  • Make sure there's nothing that will cover her face or that surrounds her neck to avoid asphyxiation. 
I'm still thinking of other reminders.

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