Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I went out tonight to watch Tangled with my brother and sister.  It was four hours spent away from my Via.  Because of that four hours I got an earful from Via's papa.  He always does that to me every time I go out at night.  I think it is his pet peeve when his wife is out past 6pm.

He is more strict than my own dad.  Geez!

His reason:  Via is not yet old enough to be left alone.  I understand his concern because it is my concern too.  But I have to address my need of having some "me" time too.  I know there's no room for being so selfish now that I'm a mother but I think Via would also like me to keep my sanity.

After being scolded for the past thirty minutes or so on the phone, I spent trying not to apologize.  Instead, I'm trying to justify my four hours off duty.  I didn't say sorry for what I've done especially since I made sure she got everything she needs and was calling her nanny every now and then to check up on them.

I love my daughter.  And I realize that going out without her does not mean I love her less.

It would be bad if this happens too often.  But I'm not planning to do this on most days.  I'm not going to be one of those mothers who leave their children without a care in the world just because the nanny is there to do her job.  But I'm not also going to be one of those mothers who puts her life on hold just because she had a kid.  I'm not going to be one of those who lose her own person.

I understand the need for a curfew.  My husband wants me home by 6pm if I'm not working.  Maybe that isn't so bad at all.  But I might just extend it just a little if I find the need to have a little rest sometimes.


  1. inggit ako dun! I never got the chance to be away from my kids when they were Via's age (except when I leave for work). Sometimes, hubby would be the one to push me to go out and have fun with my officemates, I would say yes, but would back up the last minute.. the Mommy in me often prevails:)
    btw, how was the movie? Was it good?

  2. It was a much needed break sis :) and Tangled was the perfect time-out movie :)

  3. My hubby was like that when my kids are both little pa but dont worry sis, habang limalaki sila..maadjust din ang curfew na yan....

    Always have that ME time sis....I had been married for 18 years at yan ang di pwedeng tanggalin sa akin ni hubby or else mag aaway kami...he can also have that ME time...the rule of the thumb...mag paalam ahead of time....

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  4. @cielo: hope so sis, kasi nakakaloka pala ang maging full time nanay :) I appreciate my mom more and more :)