Friday, May 6, 2011

Kamiseta's Dressing Room

I have visited Kamiseta in Shangri-la Mall around a month ago. I haven't been to their stores for more than a year because the displays in their store doesn't interest me.  All I notice is the changing celebrity models endorsing their clothes.

When I last visited their branch, I found out that they have a dressing room made out of mirrors and interesting upholsteries.  And so I took a picture while inside the dressing room.  My mom followed me inside and she complained that she will run through a glass wall eventually with a dressing room like that.

Upon entering, it takes time to get used to the room.  And it takes time to figure out
the entrance to a cubicle if you're going to fit something. 
There were too many mirrors and the "doorway" to a cubicle should 
have been lined with something so that it will be easily identified. 

Here, I just took a picture of myself carrying something that I didn't buy
because I wasn't able to fit in it. Har! Har!

I wanted one of these.  It's so cute.  
The cushion was designed with deep and light purple, sky blue and beige
polka dots. 

It's like you're entering something in a fun house in a carnival.  You need to put your arms up in front of you so that you won't bump into a glass wall (like what my mom was afraid of).  By the way, I bought a jumpsuit, a big one. Har! Har!

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