Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm Going To Practice Putting Eye Make Up

I know I'm a bit old already to be practicing putting on make-up but I hope it's not too late.  I kind of envy my peers who have been wearing make-up and makes it look so easy.  Even my fellow bloggers are blogging about make-up and it's so hard for me to comment on it because I don't know anything about it.

And now, I firmly resolve to learn all about make-up, particularly eye make up :)

We passed by Body Shop the other day to buy some make-up.  I only wanted to buy the lip and cheek tint but my mom wanted to buy me more since I was looking at the eye make up they had there.  Style ko lang yun!  Ahaha! 

I also got a paddle brush which I haven't had before.  
I got an pencil eyeliner.  The lady suggested that I don't buy the liquid form because I'm still practicing on putting eye make-up.  I got the earth colors for the eye shadow. And I also got a "Flawless" foundation which  I plan to use only on special days.  And of course, the lip and cheek tint on regular days.  We got a free Vitamin E moisturizer and toner.

This is not me!  Heheh! Kidding!  This is me.
The sales lady gave me some tutorial on how to put on the eye make-up I bought.
So she applied the top and bottom colors.  And I left the store wearing them.
I liked it so much.  She also placed liquid eyeliner.  
I hope I could do the same thing on my own.

My Lola pose.
The Manang is now a lady. LOL!


  1. Same here! I'm trying to put on more makeup nowadays, I think it makes me more confident :)

  2. nice. let's invite mareng arlene sometime. date naman tayong tatlo. since malayo na si nancy hindi natin siya makakasama. practice tayo mag make up sa isa't-isa

  3. @mav: I plan to do the same.. pero layer by layer day by day... para di ma-shock nakakakita :D

    @Jeanne: Tara lets! pagplanuhan na natin nila Arlene.

  4. For someone quite boyish, I learned pretty early how to apply makeup (though I do not wear even powder before). Haha. I like to think it was the artistic streak in me though that enabled me to learn that particular art. ;)

  5. i love all your body shop goods ate!

    haha! i also do not wear too much eye makeups everyday. kung may extra time in the morning, one color eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner lang ako para safe.

  6. I also wanted to apply make up more often because I think I got influenced by the reviews in the blogs I follow. So there I was in Etude House kanina but I had the sudden "what am i doing here?" feeling. So I left without buying anything. Make up is really not me. But I hope it works for you. Nice haul by the way. ;)

  7. @blackshirt: I agree. It will be fun to play with all those colors :D

    @Reina: I wonder too how long it will take for me to put eye make up

    @Cha: heheh! I passed by Etude House in Megamall the other day. I remember all the reviews about their make up. It's too bad I was in a hurry, I wasn't able to go inside.

  8. That's nice. You have now inspired me to use more eye make-up. My sister left me her stash, and I'm putting it to waste. Yang bronzer pala ng TBS is great. Works all year round for any skin tone. It's one of my favorite items from them. :)