Friday, May 6, 2011

My First Aid / Beauty Kit

I want to bring this with me all the time but it has become heavier than before.  And sometimes, I don't even open it during the day.  And so, most of the time I leave it at home. 

So here is the insides of my personal kit. 

I have two of these pouches from Philippine Airlines.  They give this out to the passengers so that they could freshen themselves.  I got one going abroad and another one on my flight back to Manila.

One by one, I added some necessities and not-so-necessary stuff in that pouch.
I got most of them from hotels from all around.  
I even bought an antibiotic for skin wounds just in case I happen to bruise myself.

I'm not really sure if it's appropriate to post a photo of my daily medications.
Some of you may be against the RH bill and may take it against me
that I'm taking contraceptive pills. 
To each, his (or her) own.

This one is originally from the pouch. 
I didn't bother dusting it off before taking a picture.
I haven't used this one yet.

I also have the following: a Myra E face powder, my eyeglass screw kit, lip and cheek tint (the only thing that qualifies this as a beauty kit), nail cutter, mirror, eye drops, Johnson's loose powder 
(for my face, my neck, under my brassieres and my foot!? Yes, it's really applicable from head to toe.), 
Betadine ointment and hand lotion.

Special Feature: This one was given by Mommy during a Christmas of long, long ago.
I think she bought it in Regalong Pambahay.
And I like this very much.

So I hope my personal kit wasn't too personal. :)
I wish to add more stuff inside and eventually, I would 
need a bigger pouch. 

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