Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Full Timer and Part Timer

I love the fact that now I have two jobs, a baby and studies to juggle.  I feel like Superwoman.  Amidst this excitement towards my new-found ability, I am somehow anxious that there will come a time that I won't be able to continue doing that.  Somehow, I will end up not catching one of them and mess everything up.  I just hope I get to hold on to my kid if that happens.  She's the most fragile of them all.

Yay!  I finally got a part time job in the evening.  I will still hold on to the full time work I have in the morning.  It's really a blessing that I got into my new work to meet this person who also recruited me to work part time in the evening.  Thank you Lord!  I'm going to do the same kind of work I'm doing in my full-time work so it's going to be a breeze... I hope.

I haven't seen the fruits of my labor and it's too early to say if I'm going to harvest any fruits at all.  I just hope there's enough for Via and me to get by.  I'm doing my best as long as my health can take it.  I just need to be positive all the time.

I realize now that from now on, I will be able to spend time with my daughter for five hours a day.  And during that time, I probably will be asking her to let me sleep.   I just hope I won't be too exhausted because I really want to spend quality time with her each and every single day.  I don't want to be a mother who plays with her kid when she is free or only during the weekends.  Dear Lord, give me strength.


  1. Goodluck on your new job dear! I will pray for you to get through. Hugs*

  2. Good luck on everything sis! I know you can do it, God is with you always. =)

  3. Good Luck sis. I know you can do it because I feel the love that you have for your baby girl. I'm sure that if only she can undertand it now, she'll be proud of you, ;)