Monday, May 30, 2011


Every time people ask about my "husband" or Via's papa, I always need to explain that we are not together so on and so forth.  And this afternoon, upon learning that I have a daughter already, a new acquaintance was asking about my husband.  I told her that we were in living separately but in good terms.  I told her that we see each other every two weeks.  And then she huffed and puffed.  Heheh! Kidding! But she might as well have done that.  She told me to pay a surprise visit because my husband may be living with someone else in our own home while I'm away.

I don't know why but I have no doubts about my husband really living alone and keeping our home, our home.  I know there may come a time when he will look for someone else for company but I have a feeling, it is not that time yet.  I'm keeping my faith on my husband.  I have to.  I'm still looking forward to building our lives together.

And then she told me that I have to agree in marrying my husband.  I keep saying no because of the fact that I don't believe in getting married.  She said that if I finally agree to marry him like he asks me a couple of times already, then I wouldn't have to be scared of losing him to somebody.  At that point, everything she said from the beginning was doubtful.  I don't believe that you can hold a person by the neck once you get married.  He will still be his own person and I will be my own person when we get married.  So what's the point of marrying?


  1. Oh, this can trigger a lot of discussion on why marry :-D but I won't be delving into that coz I am here to give you this:
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    I don't know your whole story but I must say we shouldn't marry for wrong reasons and if you feel you do not need this, then you are right on choosing where to stand :)

    Spanish Pinay

  2. we almost share the same story sis :)! my little star is 7months old tom :)

  3. well, marriage is to conceal your love for each other forever. naks! hmmmm... there are actually tons of reason why we marry. some is physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual and etc but for me, I marry my husband because I want him to be mine legally til death do us part. and i need us to be together with the blessing of our family, friends and God.

    tama, you grow and mature individually pero this time you grow and mature individually pa din naman but more beautifully because there is someone who inspires you and loves you whatever it takes. yung constant companion mo. yung susuporta sayo. yung syo! :)

    madami pa ako pwedeng ilagay dito pero kasi ideal ako e. :)