Friday, April 29, 2011

Bathroom or Kitchen?

Weeks ago, I opened a paper bag my mom left in my room.  She always have a pasalubong  after every trip to the mall.  She has relentlessly complained of my dry skin for so many years now.  And she has been buying me a lot of different kinds of skin treatment products for it.  I guess this is out of guilt because it's known to both of us that I got my scaly dry skin from her.  

Anyway, when I looked in the bag, I did a double take when I examined the products.  One of them had the "vegetable" word in bold letters and the other one had the words "Goat's Milk".  I thought I was going to use something that contains something that is supposed to be found in the kitchen.  I was kind of wary of trying out the bottle of Goat's Milk (which was really a body wash) at first. 

I have tried the body wash but I haven't tried the soap yet.

The body wash does not form a lot of suds.  It really smells good.  It's doesn't smell creamy or milky or anything like that.  And it leaves my skin like I wiped some aloe vera sap on it. 



  1. Goat's milk is great for moisturizing. I haven't tried what you have, though. :)

  2. I have the same soap given to me by my dad years ago. I haven't used it yet. lol. where did your mom buy it?

  3. My bath products seem like a fruit salad of sorts too. Strawberry and Grapefruit soaps, Mandarin shampoo and conditioner. =)

  4. i have both of these products and they both perform very well! :3

  5. @Faith: Yah, I figured that it was :D

    @Cha: My mom bought it from Beauty Bar.

    @Blackshirt: hahah! sounds sweet smelling sis :D

    @Sugar: good to know sis. I can't wait to finish my Olay bars so that I could try out the vegetable soup... I mean, soap LOL! (typo... good thing I noticed it)

  6. WOW thoughtful nmn ng mommy mo..I miss my mom :(. ANyway thanks sa advice about my baby´s cry. Nobody I can ask for help at home kasi kami lng ni baby pg nag work c hubby. but ok na sya ngayon kasi tulog ng tulog pgkatpos kumain..hope we can exchange links :) ( )