Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ventosa at Home

I have been suffering from upper back pain.  I don't know the reason why.  And I have asked my baby's nanny to press on my back (with her hands and even elbow) a couple of times to relieve some of the pain.  I have even visited my husband to give me a back massage.  That did the trick.  He frequently pays for body massages because of his physical work (as a tennis instructor) and has, I think, memorized the techniques already.  

However, my mom heard from my nanny that I was complaining of back pain a few days ago and so she scheduled a body massage home service.  She scheduled a ventosa for me. 

This is my first time to have a Ventosa and so, I didn't know what to anticipate.  That made me a little bit anxious because I knew this was the kind that involves fire.  Har! Har!

There were six glasses all in all on my back.  But I covered up the other four in the photo because it was already way down my back and I don't want to scare anyone LOL!  There was an intense sucking sensation but it wasn't painful or scalding as I had expected.  While the six glasses were doing its thing, the lady massage the rest of my body.  She removed them eventually and continued massaging my back. 

After the massage, I checked myself in the mirror and found the marks on my back which are still present right this minute.  There was really no pain.  
My back pain was still there though. :( Even after three people have already massaged my back for the past few days already.

Maybe I need another Ventosa. Heheh!


  1. Aww I wanted to try this ever since I saw it on Jessica Soho! Haha

  2. i seriously need this hahaha! :)

  3. I just have to say that your mom is really sweet. She buys you make ups and schedules ventosa for you. Happy Mother's day to the both of you!