Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Via Turned 6 Months Yesterday

After work, I passed by Red Ribbon on my way home to buy some cake for Via.  I was supposed to buy the small one but then, I saw a bigger dedication cake which is within the budget.  I thought that there are so many of us at home that everyone should have her slice of cake.

My sister told me that I should have bought noodles instead of cake.  It was too late because I already spent the budget on that cake.  At home, my mom prepared "Nilagang Baka" (beef casserole) for dinner and the I got a small piece of carrots and potato for my Via.  It was going to be her first semi-solid.

And so, yesterday, Via went down to join everyone for dinner.

Via is waiting for her party to start.

Hanging out in Kuya Gab's room.

Via taking her first (semi-)solids.

Mashed potatoes and carrots

Via and Kuya Gab

I get to eat Via-ia.


  1. Congrats to your baby girl, she so adorable. Yay I start to miss red ribooon cake they have very heavenly delicious cakes.. anyway here is my baby blog hope you can visit there and exchange links to each other. see yah there.I hope you can follow me too if you are not still my follower.

  2. Happy 6 months Via! Sis, you have a very pretty daughter! :) And her name is unique! <3

  3. wow happy 6th monthday Via. ang cute cute mo naman. :)

  4. happy 6 months baby via!! :)