Saturday, May 7, 2011

To My Mom

We grew up believing that nothing can go wrong when you're around.
You are our go-to person.  
You didn't make us believe that you can give us everything
But we grew up believing you can do anything.
You (along with Daddy) sheltered us from all things that can harm us.
You showed us that taking care of your family is of utmost importance.
You didn't make us want anything even if we can't have everything.

When Daddy and I get into fights, you were the one who persuade us to make up.
When we are the ones not getting along, it's so embarrassing that you (instead of me) 
Go to my room to befriend me again (I'm sorry for being a brat).

You never let us (me and my siblings) feel that you love the other one more.
You love each one of us equally. 
You love everyone in this family wholly.
You didn't intend to show but we know
That we are your life.  

You truly are the light of our home.  
And if we gave you heartaches before (and we will probably give you more in the future), 
you are steadfast in your love.

You showed us how God loves us by being you.
We are so blessed that you are our mother.
And I thank God that He granted us You.
I hope that you will be here always.  
And give us a chance everyday to show that we love you
Even though we cannot really give back the same selfless love you have given us.

Only a mother can love the same way God loves His children.  Unconditionally.

Thank you for making us believe that we are more than what we really are.

Because of all these and more, I want to be just like you.


  1. Aww. That's so sweet. Happy mom's day to your mom!

  2. happy mother's day to you and your mom sis! <3