Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Baby's First Toy

Well, it's not exactly her first but it's the first that I bought with my own money.  I felt proud that I was able to buy one for her eventually.  I really thought it was about time that she gets an interactive toy because she is becoming so attentive with her surroundings already. I think she needed more color around her.

I'm just appalled by the prices.  One toy is almost the price of one can of milk.  I know this toy is as important as her food.  She needs this so I placed it in the cart along with the other things I was buying for her.

His "mane" has plastic inside so it makes a lot of noisy scratchy sound.  And the inside of his head has a blunt rattle sound which I prefer than the sharp sounds of squeaky toys that could hurt my baby's (and mine too) hearing.  I wiped the whole thing with a wet cloth so that it will be clean enough to let my baby put its parts into her mouth. 

I bought a teether already. I'm not really anticipating too much on having her first tooth because I think her gums make a cuter smile.

I also bought extra nipples from Pigeon brand 
because these were the contour my baby prefers in her milk bottle.


  1. ohhh you've been shopping for your baby! the toy is really cute sis. ^__^ i'm sure she'll have loads of fun playing with it. ;)

  2. @Sugar: she's playing with it right now. But she easily gets startled with the rattle sound inside the lion's head.

    @Michelle: thanks sis :D

  3. happy mother's day sis! =)