Friday, April 1, 2011

Making A Budget

I have been warned before that men don't know how to budget their money.  Well, not all of them because I know there are male financial planners around.   It's too bad that my husband is not one of those financial planners.

He earns more than I do.  And I am so mad at him last night when he told me, he had no cash with him.  I asked where he spent most of his money and he said that it must have gone to all the sports drink he bought at the court when he was playing tennis.

I have been telling him to buy the one liter Gatorade from the supermarket because it will save him tons (well not really tons) of money.  I know that there's a need for him to drink these sports drink because I don't really want a paralyzed husband just because I didn't allow him to have his potassium refills.

But wait a minute, I have been telling him to buy bananas so that he can eat before and after his games.  I wanted to wrestle him right now.  I've been giving advices that he refuses to take.  Also, I told him that he needs to surrender his earning to me every week for safe-keeping.  But still, he refuses.  I am not the kind to ask twice.  If he doesn't want to the first time, then I'm not going to impose my ideas on him.

But last night, he really got to me when he reported that he doesn't have any money!  Good thing he paid the bills and the rent in our apartment already.  Gusto ko siyang tirisin sa inis. I just don't understand because I was able to save up even if I'm spending for our baby even if I was earning much much less than he does.

I told him to be more responsible next time because I'm not going back there in the apartment if I know that we're going to have financial trouble someday because of his mishandling of finances.  I don't want my daughter to suffer the consequences.

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  1. Keep your cool. Men are often, uh, clueless and hardheaded. I experience this every now and then as well. I guess it's a part of every relationship. :)