Friday, April 22, 2011

Playing Wife and Mom This Holy Week

This Holy Week, against the objections of my own mother, Via and I stayed here in Pasig to be with my husband.  I gave the nanny her 3-days-2-nights and so I'm in charge of everything.  I am thankful that I've got everything I need within reach.

Since, I haven't played wife for a long time, I'm having problems with being one.  I don't know what it was but I'm having a fight with my hubby last night.  I guess he isn't used to thinking about others beside himself because he has been living alone for the past five months already.  And that really got me irritated when he really didn't mean to do that.  

My husband has been doing great here at home with doing all the chores including cooking and washing the clothes and cleaning up.  But when it comes to Via, he's been doing everything wrong.  He can't stay alone with her daughter for more than thirty minutes without calling out the name "Mama!".  And I'm getting exasperated.

And last night, I wasn't used to someone needing too much help with my daughter.  I wasn't expecting it from her own father who is so clueless about his own daughter.  When I'm trying to get my daughter to sleep and he continues to play with her, he gets nothing but harsh words of my expertise.  And I think I wasn't really aware of it until now that I'm writing it down.  I realize that I was being harsh as a mother.  And I wasn't considering the fact that he is really clueless!

The only solution is to visit my husband more in the future with his daughter.  He needs to learn how to be a father.  And I need to learn how to be a wife.  Or else, this "marriage" (though we really are not) is doomed if we can't get along.


  1. your daughter is sooo cute on her latest pic...

  2. Oh your baby's so adorable, she's so cute in her yellow outfit :)