Friday, April 15, 2011

Getting Back On The Saddle Again

Okay, I have made up my mind that I'm going to get back on my original line of work.  My profession is haunting me every time I find a work I really like.  I have started studying again.  Some people call it a review but in my case, since I have forgotten most of what I knew before, I'm back to square one.

It's going to be doubly hard to study especially now that I have a baby. Even if there's a nanny around, you can't really hand your baby completely to her.  And so, I am going to maximize every sleeping hours my daughter gives me.

I'm going to continue working in the education and development field until the time that I'm allowed to pass an application to the hospital of my choice which will be on August this year.  Crossing my fingers and toes here.  I have to make good on their entrance exam and the competition is very steep because I'm going to apply along with the newly graduates and those who have just taken their boards.

I have rummaged my closet for my old books and have listed the topics I need to study on.  Dear Lord, grant my senile brain a little more capacity and ability to remember all of those things I need to pass.

I know I would have to do a lot of sacrifice for the next three to five years to do good in my profession.

As of now, I'm going to start on my new work on Monday.  The work schedule is during the afternoons while I study in the early mornings.  I know I'm going to get uglier again because of lack of sleep.  And I don't really know if coffee drinking will help me get through.

This is all for my Via and honey who told me that he will support me all the way through.  We'll see how he holds up :)


  1. You'll be busy na pala. You won't get uglier for sure. You'll be more beautiful and stronger woman for Via and your honey. :)

    Visiting from GT.

  2. Thanks for being the optimist sis. I'll try to look my best so that no one can really tell that I feel so haggard physically heheh!