Friday, April 22, 2011

Pulling To Sit at Four Months

Well, she is turning 5 months on Monday.  And my baby can do a complete roll over but still with difficulty.  It is one of the gross motor skill I have been watching out this month.  And she was able to do it during her second week of her fourth month and so I can breathe until the fifth.  But then last night, I was playing around with my baby and I let her grasp my index fingers with both of her hands.  I tried pulling it up and she was able to pull with her shoulders and her head.  And eventually, she was able to pull up along with her back straight and her head.  She was able to pull herself into a sitting position with little effort from me.

It takes less than a minute when her arms weaken and she flops back to the bed.

I'm so happy.  The simplest things can make me so proud.


  1. it's been 5 months na? your baby's growing so fast! can't wait to share the similar moments with mine. =)

  2. wow, our babies are about the same age. :D

    happy easter!

  3. wow! time flies so fast. sooner, she'll walk na rin.

    ate anne! about the jewelry designing, my mom is a suki and one of our neighbors have the same business. two summers ago, they badly need designers and makers. i applied asap, sayang kasi.

    and oh! the lush soap i talked about. try it! it smells delicious. grabe nga lang pag nagka stock sa mga lush branches dito, ubos agad.

  4. @Ayen: sis, it's really fun documenting everything about our kids. :)

    @mommyWYT: yay! I hope we could set up a playdate for them in the future :)

    @Reina: oh kaya pala. I'd like to work as a jewelry designer din heheh! sounds interesting kasi :) You're lucky, you could put that in your resume :D shows your creative side :)