Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dada Day Today

Since I'm free today and tomorrow, I took this chance to visit our apartment with my baby.  My hubby was so happy that we were able to come and spend the day with him.  So he didn't schedule any games today.  It was our chance because on Monday, momma is going to have to focus on both work and study again.

I love looking at my husband and my daughter together.  Our daughter keeps rolling over to his side of the bed.  And she even fell asleep while her face was on his chest.  My husband was so happy all throughout the day.  He was even so amazed when Via rolled over and kept her head up. Hubby took a phone video for himself.  And we were both laughing when eventually she was getting tired and couldn't put her head up anymore.  She fell on her face and when it happened again, she cried out for help and we turned her supine.

Hubby heard her babble for the first time.  She's making so many sounds already.  And this especially happens when I sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.  But when my husband sang his own version, our Via stops and just looks at him blankly.

Today was a happy day for the three of us. Thank you Lord for today.


  1. hi ate! ngayon ko lang nakita na may iba ka pang blogspot. i followed this one :)

    via is sooo cute! I am loving the pink pajammies via!

  2. via is super cute & she looks intelligent. =) your hubby looks like a sweet dad. :3

  3. so nice to see a daddy-daughter bonding time. i can sense that via is enjoying every bit of it.

  4. ang sweet ng mag daddy. happy day talaga!