Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How This Wednesday Went

Aside from hearing vintage 80's music on the radio while I was on the road, I was also able to accomplish a few things on my list which were almost forgotten like the 80's music because I couldn't find the time to do most of them.

1.  I was able to get my new PRC license.
     My picture looked horrendous but there's nothing more I can do about it.
2. I was able to have a chance to help out someone today.
    I know that when you do a good deed, you should keep it to yourself.
    But I would just like to share about it because people might ignore
    opportunities to help out when it comes their way.
3. I was disappointed because there was no opening for the job that I wanted.
    I have to wait until August before I could apply for it.
    And after August, I still have to wait a few months if I got accepted for the
    pre-residency in the department I wanted to enter.
4. I'm also kind of anxious in applying because I don't really know what employers
    would think of me when I'm already this "old" when I apply.
5. I'm thinking that the only way I could get the employers attention is a
    very high grade on their entrance exam and I don't know if my senile brain
    can take anymore studying.  I truly hope that I can get this job for my daughter.
    It's the only way she can be proud of her mother in the future.
6. I was able to get home in time to watch my favorite Korean novela, My Princess.
7. My daughter is not giving me a hard time today.
    She falls asleep on her own without the need for milk or any cuddling.
8. I have something to say here but changed my mind.
    I may be jeopardizing something important if I did. 
    Maybe I will share about it in the near future. 
9.  My current employer is forcing me to take a leave.  
     That means I am not committing a breach of contract.
     Hence, I'm going to get my last pay.  (Crossing my fingers!)

I have more in mind that I can't put to words right now.


  1. Sis, mahirap mag-renew ng license sa PRC? ECE ako and November pa na-expire yun sa kin. Hehe.

  2. easy lang sis :) mabilis na mag renew. Dun ka na rin kukunan ng pic (kaya haggard looking talaga ang kinalabasan ng pic ko LOL!)

  3. i hope you can find a job soon sis so that you won't have to worry so much. also, please remember that when God closes a door he opens up a gate. ;)
    so stay positive! good vibes to you! ^__^

  4. thanks sugar. :) I have apprehensions of going back to my field. I'm currently enjoying working on some other field right now. Pero palagi akong hina-haunt ng dating field heheh!

  5. Hope you'll get that job! :)

    Visiting from GT.

  6. at the end of the day, when you see your daughter, you realize that it's always a great one.

    have more happy days ahead!