Friday, April 1, 2011

Whatever Happened to Her Crib

Since birth, I haven't place Via on a crib.  I have bought a crib for her before she was born but I just couldn't let her stay and sleep on it.  I felt that she was in her own "room" when she's going to be in the crib.  And I felt, I couldn't watch closely enough if I place her inside.  I guess the bassinet will never be used because she's now four months old and rolling over.  In two months time she will be crawling and therefore, the bassinet has to be removed.

Naging tambakan na ang crib niya.
I placed some of her stuff inside the crib. 
And now, it's a big mess.
Note to self: Must clean this out.

I'm keeping her beside me in bed.
It's such a wonderful feeling when she falls asleep 
on her side facing my chest.  
I noticed that it's easy to make her
fall asleep when she's close to my heart. 
Heheh!  Sorry. I can't help it.

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