Friday, March 18, 2011

Something To Wear From My Hubby

The other day, hubby  told me that he bought me some things he wanted me to wear.  He said they were really cheap.  And he hoped that I would like them even if they were. He thought they would look good on me if I was wearing the right clothes.

And so, yesterday, I paid him a visit because I was excited to see what he has for me.

I was not really big on accessories.  As much as possible, I wear as little as much as possible. When I saw what he bought me, I was worried that they were too eye-catching.  I didn't want people looking at my way because of these.  But then, when he wore them around me, I thought that they were really subdued if I carry it well.  Also, if I was wearing the plainest clothes and then wear these, it would make a big difference.

And so, I am excited to wear these once I get to have the chance.   

I can't wait to buy a plain black fitted shirt to wear with the necklace above.  

And I'm still rummaging my closet for a plain white button-down long sleeved blouse to wear 
along with the necklace below.  

I haven't been so apprehensive in wearing pink before until I saw the one below.  
I have doubts in wearing this.  I'm not sure if I could pull it off.  
So I'm putting this off for a little while until I find the clothes to wear this one. 

I have doubts wearing the earrings above.  I wonder if the pair makes me look 
younger than my age.  I wouldn't want that to happen.  I've been wanting to look my 
age ever since I think getting old gracefully is a must for me. 

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