Saturday, March 12, 2011

You Woke Up The Baby

Yesterday, Via and I stayed in our apartment for a whole afternoon get together with her father. It was so fortunate for us that Via was in the mood for long sleeping hours.  While she was asleep, we were able to take our lunch and snack.  All the while, we were so careful of making any noise.  

After which, we lied down in bed with Via - I, to sleep and he, to play with the computer (silently, of course).  I gave him gentle slaps on the back whenever he spoke too loudly.  And was shhhh-ing him every time.  And he shhhh-s back to me.  I scolded him that if he wakes up the baby, he's the one in charge making the baby go back to sleep because I was planning to have a nap at that time.  

And then Via stirred and we both look at each other, pointing fingers as if to say, "You woke up the baby!".  We were trying to get her back to sleep.  Upon checking up on her, we found out she just needed diaper changing.  And then she fell back to sleep when we finally changed her diapers.  

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