Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Love It's Pinkness

A friend from work brought out her new gadget that was given to her by her husband.  She said her husband was unhappy to see her unhappy about her phone being snatched along Metrowalk a few weeks ago.  And so she received this surprise gift.

We both love the same (Hello Kitty) shade of pink.  And I turned green with envy when she brought this out of her bag one day at work.  I'm not into the gadget.  But I was so into its cover and the white keyboard.

This is just so cute.  Well, I told her that too.


  1. what do you call this one? lol! sorry, I'm not very familiar with the latest gadget. However, I think I saw this gizmo in one of my niece's FB pics. And it is really cute!

  2. Sorry sis, I'm as clueless as you are. :) I forgot what it's called. Pero it looks like a miniature iPad. And my friend said it was China-made.

  3. Ang cute! Looks like an iPad with a keyboard.

  4. I asked my niece and she said it is called a "tablet":)