Saturday, March 12, 2011

Momma's Oil of Olay

Here's the thing, I have super dry skin all over.  And that includes my face.  And when it happens, it becomes so itchy and painful already.  I was told that it was much better to have oily skin than dry skin.  Reason being is you age quickly with dry skin.  Wrinkles will appear sooner in this population.

And so, I have to find ways in order to preserve of what was left in my youth.  This pursuit is mainly because I'm am older than my husband and I really hate it if people finally could tell that fact.  LOL!

I bought Olay's Total Effects anti-aging cream and it came with a free facial wash.  I thought it was a good deal already because it was quite expensive (but not as expensive as when you have dermatological treatments in your face).

According to studies, sun exposure is the number one aging agent there is.  Stress comes in second.  Lack of sleep comes in third.  Since I have been experiencing all three for the past few days, I guess, it's the best time to do some preventive regimen ahead of time.

What I noticed was that I get to have smoother suppler skin.  Also, a big plus was that I get some pinkish glow.  No kidding.  It's like I have this fresh face all of a sudden.  I highly recommend it to everyone.  It addresses all types of skin so anyone can actually use it.


  1. wow 2 in 1 :D I would consider getting that since am getting old and my skin isn't as good as before :P

    btw.. cute baby!

  2. that's elizabeth arden's green tea, my favorite scent! haha.. haven't tried any olay products yet. i have dry skin too so moisturizer is my bestfriend.=)

  3. @Ema: yah :) 2 in 1 nga. I'm sure I'm older than you heheh!

    @rosey: sis, if you like the green tea scent so much, I suggest you try the L'Occitane brand too. Parang mas masarap amuyin kesa sa E.Arden's :)

  4. hahah maybe or maybe not :P heheh