Monday, March 7, 2011

Job Hunting Again?

Oh my!  I'm not so confident about my demo a few minutes ago.  I'll probably be on the road again tomorrow to look for work.  Sigh!  So sad.  I wanted to have this work even just for the meantime.

The perk of this job?  Weekends off!!!  And I have so many things in mind that I wanted to do during that weekends off.  Like start again with my wedding business.  Sigh!  Now I have to put that on hold.

The pay is not so great.  And there's little chance that I will be able to climb the corporate ladder in this company.  But I still want to get in.  Reason is, I'm after developing my speaking voice and being able to be spontaneous when talking to people.

It is connected with my "weekend" plan.  If I am able to do good in this, I'd take jobs that involves being emcees in events.  It's kind of funny because I'm a hopeless case.  I don't talk much. Period.

I am not used to chatting with people.  I  mostly keep to myself if I don't have to mingle.  It's amazing though, that I do have lots of friends.  I wonder now why they put up with me all these time.  I have friends who are total opposite of my character.  Maybe I'm more of a listener.  Maybe that's it.

.... Anyway, it would really be sad to go home if I lost this battle.  Naks!  I'm battling with my own self, my own skills - which is initially non-existent for this field of work.  Sigh!  I'm sad for me and my daughter if ever later, I'll be booted out.  I wonder now how I will take it.  I wish I'd give a graceful exit later.

... I'm still crossing my fingers.

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  1. Don't sell yourself short sis, if you can put your good writing into as equally words as you speak, I'm sure you'll get it. :)