Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wish List #1 Dining Table

A few weeks before, husband and I strolled around the furniture department of SM department store.  And this particular dining table caught my attention.  It looks like it's meant for outdoors but for me, it would make an interesting dining table as well as work table.  I told my husband that it is now on my wish list.

The seat is more like a bench.  So it would seem like we would be eating in a local carinderia or cantina.  It was perfect because it sits six people.  So if we had visitors, we will be able to accommodate them for brunch, lunch or dinner.

It's not as elegant as some.  And it's not even a classic.  It's just so very homey to look at or use.  I really want one.

It poses a problem though.   First, it is way out of our budget.  And secondly, it is way too big for our apartment.  Sigh!  I guess the first on the wish list is supposed to be our own home.  Oh well, more affordable things will make my list first.

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