Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hubby Reading The Bible

Hubby is the least of all people that I know speak of being a Christian.  I don't hear him pray or speak about praying at all.  I developed a plan to make him read the Bible for me.

I left my Bible in our apartment.  And for the first time tonight, I called him up to make him read a verse I wanted to hear.  These are the random verses from the computer side bar.  I didn't tell him that I could read the verse in the Bible here at home or even Google it.

So he started reading.

We had a fight awhile ago before this.  This afternoon, because I thought he was being mean, I said back some mean words too.  And then the Bible verse I gave him was about husbands and wives.  That wasn't intentional on my part.  So he was supposed to read just two verses.  But he was enjoying the passage because it made me look bad.  But because I love hearing him emphasize on some of the passages and hearing his voice and laugh at the same time, I let him be.  It was as if he was giving me a sermon.

I was really amazed how appropriate the verse was for this day.

And I was really happy that hubby enjoyed reading the Bible to me.  He even said that he should do that for me every night before going to bed especially now that we are not together.


  1. Its great that your hubby has enjoyed reading the bible and was even the one to suggest to read every night. I hope you guys can keep up with the routine. :)

    Btw, you have an award from me. Please get it here:

  2. thanks for the award sis :) I think I'm going to do the same :)

  3. what was the bible verse? hahaha. aliw naman ako kay hubby mo.