Tuesday, July 26, 2011

She's Sitting Up

By this time, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to give her the best in life but I pray that she learns to make the best out of the things I can give her.

Why so sad on your 8-month day anak?

Mamy, is there anything on the table for me?

Sorry Anak, no classic mamon from Red Ribbon for you.
So sorry Via. :(

My Via sitting up without support
while browsing her first activity book.
Good job Via!

I want to nip on your toes baby!

She got distracted by the TV.

"Rawr! I want to bite you mommy!"

This photo was taken by the nanny.  I'm against taking photos of her without clothes.
She's still recovering from Roseola (or Tigdas Hangin).


  1. happy 8th month VIa! my son loves red ribbon mamon too. =)

  2. Happy 8th month, Via!;) It's cute seeing her hair tied back.

  3. She's such a cheerful baby! Soooooo cute :3 Happy 8th month, Via!