Sunday, July 17, 2011

Momma's Day Out

After attending the monthly meeting of the company that gave me my home-based work, I hired a taxi in Emerald avenue to take me to Megamall where I was supposed to meet my baby, my grandparents, my nephew and my sister.  Unfortunately, I took myself to the wrong mall.  They were all in Shangri-la.   It was too late when I found out.   I couldn't call anyone on my cellphone for weeks now and I was waiting for them to call me where to meet up.

I decided to spend my time at a coffee shop to get the much needed coffee (I was so sleepy) while I catch up on my reading.  But then, my father called me and told me that I he was in the same mall to get his facial warts removed (teehee! I know this is too much information already.)

And so, instead of memorizing much needed information, I went to meet my father for lunch.  When it comes to buying things, my dad usually says yes to everything.  I remember when we were much younger, the only thing he bought us was ice cream cones for me and my sister.  But as we grew older, he's always ready to let us spend on almost anything we deem necessary using his credit card.  (I think he always have at most P1000.00 on his wallet.)

And so, before going off to doing some of his window shopping, he asked me if I was about to buy anything.  Everyone at home knows I don't have any money and so he felt he needed to accompany me around the mall just in case I wanted to buy something.  I told my dad that I can still use my credit card these days and so he doesn't need to waste time but instead, he should go ahead to look for his much needed watch.

And here's what I got from roaming around Megamall:

I had new prescription glasses.
I got the frame in Incheon Airport
and had the plastic lens from EO.

I got 3 bags of EQ diapers for Via because they were on sale.
And got myself a transparent umbrella for free.
I bought the much-needed baby carrier too.  
And I got some tuna melt from Pizza Hut for take out.
The laptop bag was the heaviest of all.  

She played with the carrier for awhile.
Note: It's not safe to let children play with cords, ropes or any closed loops unsupervised.

There was nowhere in the house with bright lights but my parents' bathroom.
I just had to take a picture of Via and me using the baby carrier(?)

She was looking up at me wondering what the heck we were doing in her grandparents' bathroom.


  1. Can you ask your dad if he can adopt me as her daughter? :-D

    Spanish Pinay

  2. @Spanish Pinay: I don't think you would enjoy that very much. He was really strict when we were young. ^_^

  3. I love that last shot of Via, so cute! =)