Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Schedule Woes

1. I suddenly don't know which one I should concentrate on.   I hate my indecisiveness.   I was supposed to be studying for a specialty but I haven't decided in which institution am I going to have my training - and which institution will I get more chance in being accepted.  I'm trying to prepare for this right now but then I just got stumped on how I'm going to get there, where I'm supposed to go and what am I going to equip myself with... and so on and so forth.  Haist!

2. I'm trying to decide how am I going to be able to fit everything once I get there.  I know I shouldn't worry about it now but if I'm going to take a major step "today", I need to lay out my plans the best that I can in order to address everything in my life, most especially Via.

3. I have clients outside of the company.  And now, the company are asking me to handle more clients. And now there's a conflict of schedule.  I don't really know what to do right now.  But bumping my personal clients out of my schedule is not an option. I need to think up of a reason - a very good one - in order to say no to a company client.

4. Tomorrow is family day for me Via and her father.  Making up a good schedule tomorrow in order not to upset anyone is another one of my problems right now.


  1. I know how you feel! I got lots on my plates too right now :) Good luck on your decisions sissy!

  2. Just don;t forget to breathe sis.. =) And pray of course!

  3. Take a moment to relax :) What a coincidence, my daughter's nickname is also Via :)

    Visiting you from GT!

    The Twerp and I